Your present position: embedded encoder - GoCaster 4000
GoCaster 4000
  • product name:GoCaster 4000
  • Product Model:GoCaster 4000
Product application:1 video live 2 IPTV3 VOD system and remote monitoring and data save, etc
Product Introduction:GoCaster4000 is xin "(high and video) combined with years of the digital video development experience and design a h.264 / AVC encoder, support the real radio level standard, in line with the Main Profile IPTV standard digital video encoder; The embedded operating system design, which ensures the stability of the work; GoCaster4000 adopted advanced h.264 / AVC compression algorithm, and the most advanced video preprocessing technology dynamic detection field testing technology, etc., are enabled to minimum compression code rate, and can achieve the best image compression quality

Embedded operating system

Support the H.264/AVC format, Main profile, Baseline profile code

Advanced algorithm that is able to minimize the rate to achieve the best image, and the price is cheap

In accordance with IPTV standard

Support Program program stream and transport stream of Transport

Support OSD stack

Support local programs to save

1U high and half a wide frame, industrial standard, rack installation

Support for 1 weeks 7 days 24 hours of uninterrupted work

Remote management based on Web


Real-time streaming uploaded to the video server

The real-time stream are stored as files on your local hard drive

Support TS UDP, TCP, Http, RTSP protocol and Uncast, Multicast broadcast mode



GoCaster4000 is Xin Chong ( high-invasive video ) of a H.264/AVC encoder based on digital video years of development experience and design, support true broadcast Main Profile standard, a digital video encoder with IPTV standard; the design of embedded operating system, to ensure the working stability; GoCaster4000 uses advanced H.264/AVC compression algorithm, and video processing technology, the most advanced dynamic detection, detection technology, are able to compress rate is minimal, and can achieve the best image compression quality. GoCaster4000 adopts a compact 1U high - rack wide precision design, meet the standards for industrial use and the server can be installed on the frame, easy to install. GoCaster4000 provides SDI analog video and digital video input interface, output for IP video stream.

Transmission protocol includes: RTSP, UDP, TCP, HTTP, DSL, Ethernet, such as by satellite, cable and LMDS broadband ground and wireless network transmission of live video streaming.


Product characteristics

  • H.264/AVC MainProfile broadcast video encoder
  • Embedded platform
  • Support H.264 Transport transport stream and Program stream coding
  • Entropy coding ( CAVLC/CABAC )
  • Support for MPEG-4 embedded in MPEG-2 TS transport stream decoding
  • The TS transport stream to support Video PID, Audio PID, PCR PID, PAT, PMT adjustable *
  • Through the Ethernet port for remote management of Web and local management based on
  • Support for multiple IP network protocol and broadcast mode: UDP, TCP, RTSP; Unicast/Multicast
  • Audio formats: AAC, G.711
  • Compatible with real-time receiving and decoding a variety of standard playing software
  • Support IP set-top box to receive real-time,
  • The structure of GOP variable: I, IP, IBP, IBBP
  • Support VBR and CBR compression
  • Real-time low delay video transmission in IP network, <500ms



  • Live video
  • IPTV
  • Interactive TV
  • Mobile TV
  • Commercial television
  • The remote teaching
  • B2B business communication
  • The transmission of video and desktop desktop
  • VOD system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Data preservation


Technical parameters






Meet the standard

H.264/AVC Main Profile @ Levels3.0 ; Baseline Profile

Video input

S-Video, composite (BNC ), SDI ( optional)

Video input

Simulation of nonequilibrium audio, SDI embedded audio

Field / frame motion prediction

Video preprocessing advanced: changes and dynamic frame field detection

Support structure

Variable GOP:IBBP, IBP, IP and I

The video bit rate


Audio bit rate


Video format

H.264 / AVC  (MPEG-4 Part-10)


Audio formats


The sampling frequency

32 KHz, 44.1 KHz, 48KHz

Image size





PAL            NTSC

QSIF   176x144          176x112

SIF    352x288           352x240

VGA   640x576           640x480

QVGA  320 x288          320x240

FD1    720x576           720x480

File format


Network protocol

RTP/RTCPRTSPMulticast /Unicast

The network interface

10/100 BaseT Ethernet Full (RJ-45 connectors) IP input and output

Operating system

Embedded Linux OS